Workshop Proposal

Workshop of musical dynamics applied on movement

For dancers, circus artists, actors, singers and all artists involved in movement - with Olivier Manoury and Wiebe Moeys

Purpose: to learn to recognize and use the musical structure and dynamics in order to apply them to the movement.

Memorize and recognize the rhythmical structure of different kind of music (classical, ethnic, jazz, etc...) in order to apply them to the movement and to develop body expression.

Olivier Manoury Wiebe Moeys

The workshop consists in learning the listening and the rhythmic analysis of different music styles in order to apply them to the movement on stage.
We learn to count and memorize the beat for development on stage, to find the support and strengths on the musical structure to express oneself in fluidity and in synchrony with the music.

Olivier Manoury has played and composed for dance, Wiebe Moeys has a great dance experience and created shows with musicians.
They have decided to combine their experiences to give at students a simultaneous experience with music and dance. Dancers and artists will be able to acquire a knowledge that often lacks and then improve their efficiency and creativity.

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