MixArt Project

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An Innovating Project

- dance, live music and acting - painting, photography and sculpture exhibitions

- experimentations of new theatrical languages - interactive art in cooperation with the public

Fusion between visual arts

Whole interactive theatre

  • dance, music, painting, poetry and

Intimate theatre

  • close, familiar, in communication
    with the artists

Project's Components


  • Specialization course for professional dancers
  • Choreographic laboratory
  • Laboratories of musical research (in collaboration with professional musicians)
  • Professional training for dancers (male and female)
  • Private professional training

Production of performances with dance and live music

The Theatre of Lifework Center

The Theatre of Lifework Center

Choreography and Music

Wiebe Moeys

Wiebe Moeys

Yuri Goloubev

Yuri Goloubev

Wiebe Moeys: artistic director and choreographer - Yuri Goloubev: musical coordinator and doublebass - Giovanni Falzone: musics and trumpet - Marco Zanoli: drums - Camilla Maffezzoli and Giada Negroni: dancers - Stefano Roveda: dancer - Marina Sturino: images and web design

Audition for male and female dancers and musicians

at Lifework Center of Ispra (Varese) Italy

The MixArt Project is looking for male and female dancers and musicians for new productions.

MixArt Project

MixArt Project: “Sculpture in Music”

Sculpture in Music

A new project mixing dance, live music and sculpture. Starting from various fragments, it will evolve into a vibrant fusion between the various art-forms in which we can see have many aspects in common that unite one to the other. The project grew out of collaborations between artists of different origins, especially Yuri Goloubev and Wiebe Moeys.

For information and contacts:
Wiebe Moeys - contact@wiebemoeys.com
Phone: +39 0332-781326 - Mobile: +39 340-4739602

LIFEWORK CENTER - Via E. Fermi 615 - 21027 Ispra (Varese) - Italy
www.lifework.it - centro@lifework.it
Phone: (+39) 0332-781326 - Mobile: (+39) 340-4739602

The candidates that are interested in this project should send a curriculum vitae with all details, together with a video that will be utilised for preselection. All material that will be sent should be accompanied by a signed permission that authorizes the use for selection purpose.
The required material should be sent to the:
LIFEWORK CENTER c/o STUDIO DANZA ISPRA - Via E. Fermi 615 - 21027 Ispra (Varese) - Italy
Short films, that are not more than 3 Mb, can directly be sent to the above-mentioned addresses.
All personal information shall be handled according to Article 13 of italian regulation no. 196 of the 30 of June 2003: "Code for protection of personal data", in force from 1st of January 2004.