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Lifework Association Looks for subscribing members

Lifework Association, born in August 2003 and Lifework Theatre Project have ambitious targets. They intend to create and innovate art, movement, dance and music not as vanishing concepts, disconnected from reality, but as work tools to be used in everyday life.

Lifework Theatre Project aims to a public that goes to the theatre not to ATTEND a show but to feel PART to of it.

Lifework Association uses music and movement to train people to recover from physical and mental traumas, from serious illness or in all those situations where the individual lives disconnected from reality.

The contribution of some supporters and sponsors already allowed us to produce some shows and activities oriented in this direction. But there is still a long way to go.

Percussions - MixArt ProjectPercussions - MixArt ProjectPercussions - MixArt ProjectPercussions - MixArt ProjectPercussions - MixArt Project

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In fact, our long-term targets are to give a great continuity to these "evening performances", living together moments of great intensity and culture. However, any project lives and progresses only with the participation of people who actually share and allowing it to grow: ideas or suggestions that we expect of anyone who would like to share them with us and concrete help to find always new forms of theatre and team work.

If you are a private individual: by making a small donation you will have the opportunity to attend show rehearsals and lessons, receive the association newspaper and have a 10% discount on the show ticket for 3 months.
If you are a company (either big or small): by making a donation to be defined together, you will have your name mentioned during shows, printed on playbills and displayed in the theatre foyer or you will be given the possibility to exhibit during shows a small stand of items on sale.

If you wish to get more information or details on the subjects about which we talk please do not hesitate to call at this number: +39 340-4739602 or to write an e-mail to this address:

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