Lifework Association

Lifework association is born to cultivate the ability of each individual's vitality to evolve through work, a conscious motivated work, reflecting one's skills, whether inborn or acquired in the course of time. It is a group of people who cooperate, each one of them giving its own contribution according to its skills, strongly stimulated by present dynamics, motivated and participating to contemporary events.

Lifework association and project become a great force to join together an innovative working team by acting on difficulties, restarting even from zero, questioning achievements and stratifying them step by step.

Using the past and stimulating the present for a constructive future. A work which is never methodical, but innovative and aimed at change.

Lifework Center created and directed by Wiebe Moeys - Via E. Fermi 615 - 21027 Ispra (Varese) Italy - Phone: +39-0332-781326 - E-mail: - Web:
Lifework Cultural Association - Via XXV Aprile, 1 - 21020 Taino (Varese) Italy
For information call: +39 340-4739602 - E-mail: