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Dynamische Training: Wat is dit? (Engels tekst) | Dynamische Training: Doelen en Voordelen (Engels tekst)

What is and what it is meant for (Engels tekst)

Lifework dynamic training is a motor sensory activity which stimulates brain to make use of its different areas at the same time by using movement, sight, hearing, voice and touch all together.

This process leads to an initial destabilization phase, followed by a deep rebalance of the individual, considered in its psychophysical whole.

Lifework dynamic trainingLifework dynamic training

Lifework dynamic training

It is an activity aiming at:

  • recovering from problems due to psychophysical traumas or disease after-effects;
  • stimulating one's own initiative towards a change in life;
  • stimulating perception intensity so as to be able to recognize the real situation in the current moment, thus making human relationships easier;
  • recognizing one's own past in the current moment in order to guide one's present towards the future (an individual changes only when he recognizes the origin of his difficulties).

Lifework dynamic training is useful:

  • to make up one's mind in any situation;
  • not to be lost in the unproductive time of deep reflection, learning to pass across it through reasoning in the current moment;
  • to practise one's profession with a renewed approach or to realize that it is better to change it without being misled by unexpected events.

From September 2009 new day and evening working teams for children, teen-agers and adults with no age limits will be made up.

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